Why do lip injections cause cold sores?

Lip fillers alone can't cause cold sores; the direct cause of cold sores is HSV-1.That said, if you already have herpes simplex virus, lip fillers can trigger an outbreak. Needle punctures, even with lip fillers, can especially trigger cold sores. The manifestation of rashes after injections is a consequence of the appearance of cracks on the surface of the mouth. These disorders of the epidermis often lead to a decrease in immunity and this leads to injuries.

If you do not pay attention to it in time, the virus will spread and external manifestations will appear. Patients who have a herpes rash, a fairly common occurrence, should be careful with fillers. The likelihood of complications after the procedure in such women is much higher. A patient who is prone to having cold sores will often have flare-ups after receiving lip fillers.

This is mainly due to the stress caused by multiple injections around the mouth that trigger and awaken the virus. Lip fillers can cause herpes in people who already carry the virus, and injections trigger it. You're at greatest risk of developing a cold sore from a lip enhancement procedure a day or two after the injection. Dr.

Perry said that some lip filling procedures can cause abscesses and scars with consequent deformity of the lip. If your lips are affected by a rash or there are residual effects, then there can be no talk of any beauty injections. Speaking to The Sun, Dr. Ross Perry, cosmetic physician at the Cosmedics skin clinic chain, said lip fillers can look great when done sympathetically with the natural shape and size of the patient's lips in relation to their face.

Many people have also previously introduced themselves after their lip fillers had gone wrong, including one woman who said she looked toothless after having her lips done.