Why Lip Injections Can Trigger Cold Sores

Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1), but lip fillers can still trigger an outbreak if you already have the virus. Needle punctures, even with lip fillers, can cause cold sores to appear. This is because the punctures create cracks on the surface of the mouth, which can lead to a decrease in immunity and make it easier for the virus to spread. Patients who are prone to cold sores should be especially careful when getting lip fillers.

The stress of multiple injections around the mouth can trigger and awaken the virus, leading to an outbreak. The greatest risk of developing a cold sore from a lip enhancement procedure is usually one or two days after the injection. Dr. Ross Perry, cosmetic physician at the Cosmedics skin clinic chain, warns that lip fillers can cause abscesses and scars that can lead to deformity of the lip.

If you have a rash or any other residual effects, it's best to avoid beauty injections altogether. When done correctly, lip fillers can look great and enhance your natural features. However, many people have experienced complications after their lip fillers went wrong, including one woman who said she looked toothless after her procedure.