Can Lip Injections Make You Sick?

Injections into the lips can be a great way to enhance your appearance, but it's important to be aware of the potential risks. In this case, all areas treated with the same filler showed diffuse swelling of an inflammatory nature, while the lips, treated with the second mark of filler, were not affected. Four patients reported flu-like illness or gastrointestinal distress a few days before the onset of dermal filler inflammation. Cold sores are a lesser-known risk associated with lip injections.

Needle punctures can trigger cold sores, especially within the first 48 hours after the injections are given. Stomach upset, nausea, or constipation may occur in 1 to 10% of patients. Redness, swelling, and itching at the injection site are signs of an allergic reaction. With a severe allergic reaction, you may experience more serious symptoms, such as shortness of breath.

If this happens, seek medical treatment right away. The amount of substance injected can be controlled, so that the physician has better control over the amount of lip volume that is created. Enhanced lips can make your lips thicker and fuller, but it will still be you when you leave the doctor's office. Your doctor may recommend an antiviral medication to help minimize this risk. Keeping ice on the lips before injections also helps numb the area and potentially helps with bruising and swelling.

If your surgeon plans to use collagen, he or she may want to perform allergy tests before giving the injections to your lips so that you don't experience an allergic reaction. Injectable lip augmentation techniques can be performed quickly in your doctor's office with little or no downtime. After carefully marking the areas to be injected, very fine needles are used to inject the substance into the lips. You're more likely to experience negative side effects if your Botox injections aren't prepared according to FDA standards or if they're injected by an inexperienced doctor. Fat injection is the exception, as the procedure requires a small area of liposuction to remove fat from another part of the body before the injection can be given. Most people who receive injections into the lips are usually treated first with an anesthetic agent to help minimize pain and discomfort. If you are left with loose lips as a result of regular overinflation, the only remedy is lip reduction surgery, that is, trimming excess skin, which can leave significant scars.

One of the most dangerous pitfalls of looking for lip fillers is the risk of being injected with a filler not approved by the FDA. Collagen can be injected alone or combined with other fillers, but some people may be allergic to collagen injections. It's important to take precautions when considering lip injections. Discuss your plans with your doctor and during your initial medical spa consultation. You can search for medically qualified lip filler aesthetic professionals near you right here, and you can also search by “dissolving lip filler”.