Lip Injections in NYC: A Guide to Lip Augmentation

If you feel that your lips have become thinner with age or that they have developed fine lines, lip fillers may be an excellent option for you. Dr. Kwak prefers a less invasive, non-surgical approach to lip augmentation in New York facilitated by injectable dermal fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm. As with most cosmetic procedures, lip injections require a high degree of precision and accuracy.

Kwak is also a master of “revision lip augmentation” in New York City, which means he is able to correct the imperfections of previous surgeons, whose poor work may have resulted in lips that are asymmetrical, bumpy, unbalanced, or too wrinkled. Many of the lip fillers used during lip augmentation contain anesthetic agents, making the procedure virtually painless. Some patients may choose to reduce their naturally large lips or simply don't like the inherent shape of their lips. Green can help you create a treatment plan that is unique to your needs and will advise you on best maintenance practices for your lip fillers so you can keep your lips looking great for longer.

Using improper dermal filler in the treatment area or accidentally injecting lip filler into a blood vessel can occur with inexperienced injectors and result in more serious side effects. With the advent of these new dermal fillers, non-invasive cosmetic treatments such as lip fillers, cheek augmentation and Botox injections have revolutionized cosmetic dermatology and rendered many invasive plastic surgery procedures obsolete. The best way to ensure or reduce swelling after lip fillers is to apply ice immediately after injecting the HA filler. It may be cheaper to have lip injections with someone more inexperienced, although you cannot guarantee that patient safety and satisfaction are the primary concerns in these settings.

However, since lip augmentation is a personalized procedure, the cost of lip augmentation will vary between patients. Dr. Michele Green will help you decide the best lip filler based on your facial anatomy, skin turgor, lip shape, volume loss, skin texture and desired cosmetic results. Performing the injections at the right sites, with the right amount, is another careful deliberation that is critical to the success of the lip enhancement procedure. Although they don't offer permanent augmentation, lip fillers tend to cause less swelling or bruising, and are easier to control, since they can be injected gradually until accurate results are achieved. When considering lip augmentation in New York City it is important to find an experienced and qualified doctor who can provide you with natural-looking results that will last for months without any complications.

Drs. Kwak and Green are both highly experienced in performing lip augmentation procedures and can help you achieve beautiful results that will make you look and feel your best.