Can lip fillers damage your lips?

Rashes and bumps may occur on the skin after lip enhancement. Another serious side effect of lip fillers is itching, which can be a sign of an allergic reaction. Skin damage and scarring near the injection area are also serious side effects of lip fillers. Trusted providers will inform patients that the effects of lip fillers wear off gradually, over approximately four to six months.

You should be prepared to commit to touch-up treatments to maintain your results, ensuring that your lips maintain a consistent and even volume with the right amounts of filler administered each time. Throughout the lip, injections do not harm the lips, the filler used (hyaluronic acid) is a natural acid that is slowly absorbed by the body. With these tiny needles, you limit the risk of bruising after the procedure in combination with icing the lips between injections. For those looking for elegant, natural-looking lip enhancement, lip fillers offer a variety of benefits.

Enhanced lips can make your lips thicker and fuller, but it will still be you when you leave the doctor's office. Dugar himself If lip injections are safe and best for you, contact us below to schedule a consultation, Dr. Keeping ice on your lips before injections also helps numb the area and potentially help with bruising and swelling. When creating full, sensual lips that demand attention, lip fillers are often the first step in a comprehensive and progressive approach to facial rejuvenation.

After another doctor recommended that she have injections in her lips every four months, this patient visited Grossman for her quarterly replacement. Where the risk of causing damage to the lip can come from removing or trying to reverse the more permanent options for thicker lips. Fat injection is the exception, as the procedure requires a small area of liposuction to remove fat from another part of the body before the injection can be given. If you have a BLT allergy, your healthcare provider may give you a nerve block injection to numb your lips.

He first numbs his lips with a local topical cream, so his patients hardly feel anything when he uses small thin needles on his lips. Dugar injects 100% soluble and reversible hyaluronic acid into the lips, which is found naturally in the body, since it is naturally produced biologically. The amount of substance injected can be controlled, so that the physician has better control over the amount of lip volume that is created.