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For anti-aging procedures and luxury aesthetic experience, Curated Medical is one of the top destinations. It offers high-quality aesthetic procedures for both men and women in Scottsdale and nearby areas. Katie Mann, DNP, FNP-C leads the aesthetic team and they begin with initial consultation using a personalized and comprehensive approach. Katie combines a holistic approach with top-notch quality procedures to deliver the safest and best results. Katie loves the idea of being able to use science and art which is why she decided to become a nurse practitioner and aesthetic specialist. Together with her team, they continue to innovate and strive hard to become experts in the field of aesthetics.

What is a lip injection and who can benefit from it?

Naturally thin lips are a frequent feature among individuals. Some people also get thin lips as a natural part of aging. For people to get fuller lips, a particular cosmetic treatment called lip augmentation or lip injection is performed. It is the second most popular cosmetic treatment in the U.S., after dermabrasion, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. It is now possible to achieve fuller and plumper lips. Thanks to lip injections that contain lip fillers, achieving the desired contour and size of lips are now possible. You have a better lip structure and your mouth's contours are redefined. The results are instant and you'll have full control over how much you want to alter the appearance of your lips.

What are the benefits of lip injections?

Lip injections are highly advised for those who battle wrinkles and fine lines around their mouths, have thin and irregularly shaped lips, or simply want larger lips and a better smile. These are only a few of the main advantages of lip injections:•Improve lip appearance and achieve natural fuller lips - It goes without saying that an improvement in your overall look is the main advantage of lip injections. You will likely appear younger if you have larger lips, which will ultimately increase your self-esteem and self-confidence. One of the products commonly used for lip injections is Juvederm, a substance that contains hyaluronic acid known to deliver a naturally-looking result.•Conceal signs of aging - Fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth usually appear as a result of smoking and aging. This can be concealed using lip injections. Your lips naturally get bigger and fuller after lip injections. It will eventually make the mouth firmer and younger-looking.

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